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There are those in our ranks who are touting this new triumphant collection from Montreal’s art-rock heroes SUUNS as the most outright grooved record they’ve made. But hold it right there. Not so fast. SUUNS have always had that deep groove on lock, albeit oft-slithering within an austere and/or sneering veneer.

As alluded to by its title and neon-warm album art, SUUNS’ Felt is going to make you feel things. You’re going to learn something about your body listening to cuts like on DJ Shadow-leaning, head-bobber “Look No Further” or “Make It Real,” which could be a radio signal of a lost Silver Apples cut — that is, before it becomes a doomsday siren breakup song. Suuns is ruthlessly set on being one of the planet’s finest, bravest bands.

Hometown: Montreal, Canada

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