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Space is really big and we like all live there. That's not a lie. When someone asks where you're from you can say "space" and that's right. Right on. In a remote and exotic distant point in the vast cosmos called Oakland, California, five separate manifestations of collective consciousness take in ambient energy, Vietnamese sandwiches and C2H6O (that's the empirical formula for booze) and resound this sacred slipstream through synths, keys, drums and strings.

Lumerians will not ask you to dance, but will rather make you submit to your own subconscious (or conscious) desire to.

Don't try to fight it. This is real. This is happening.

At once a visceral and psychological encounter. Flickering visions are projected, keyboards buzz, drums pound, bodies sway and minds melt. As the expanded cinema projections that intensify their live shows suggest, the band is constantly pushing their sounds toward musical synesthesia. The vibrant evocations and tribal rumblings are so intoxicating that sensory registers are crossed: sonics becomes optics, music becomes vision, psychedelia becomes phantasmagoria. While the music draws from many sources, it is focused on exploratory visions of other worlds and states of being. So by all means open your mind, but watch where you step.

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Booking Contact: phil@spaceagencybooking.com